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Delia, The Return

Fear not dearest Nigella. Delia will definitely NOT be overtaking you in the express cooking stakes. 

I must say that I was sadly disappointed with Delia’s comeback on TV last night (BBC2).  Yes, I know I tread on unsafe ground when I say I feel Delia should probably retire and stick to football, which has obviously overtaken her food obsession since we last saw her in the kitchen.  Gone is the plum in her mouth, and the condescending tone, but both at a price.   Us busy people should now be cooking with tinned mince, which, even my cat wouldn’t eat if his young life depended on it.  And, pray what IS our food icon’s latest, seemingly, just use it in everything ingredient ? Wait for it..frozen mashed potato ! Yes, that’s right, peeling a potato has ever been so easy.  Our children never need know what that small brown jewel of the soil either looks, or tastes like, thanks to our Delia.  Never mind, that she used enough of the tiny frozen demons to plaster a wall, there was no mention of how much they would cost the oh-so-busy would-be-cook.  My tip on this: Give up the job, lose the salary and actually prepare it yourself. I bet you’d still have enough money left over for a takeaway !

Every meal she prepared last night contained her new found friend.  Fish bake, shepherd’s pie and, the ‘queen’ of the cooking world, even managed to bung a couple in a soup AND make bread out of the gruesome stuff ! 

The only thing worse than the mash portions was the unconvincingly grovelling support of that other irritating TV cook, Nigel Slater. 

I ask you. Are our lives really too busy to peel a spud ?  I thought the days of Mash get Smash were dead and buried ! Dearly departed Fanny.C. is turning as we speak.

Today’s Food TV..

My Sundays are usually spent minus 2 of my 3 beautiful but noisy kids so I can happilly veg in front of food TV for the best part of the day.  Today was the usual starter of my current favourite, ‘Something for the Weekend’ (10.00am, BBC2) with Mr Veggy himself, Simon Rimmer.  Tim Lovejoy and Simon are great entertainment and even my husband sits and watches this one with me. The stuffed pork loin looked very tasty & tender but my Mr Fussy won’t do stilton stuffing, and since 2/3 of my best friends are vegies, this won’t get an airing anytime soon.  Getting a small hole through the middle of the loin to insert the stuffing however looked a bit too poncey for my efforts – surely you can just slice the loin and bung it in Simon ?? On a sweeter note, I’ll definitely attempt those yummy looking chocolate caramel squares with the kids, but I reckon my caramel might need to be a bit softer – Tim and Amanda struggled with the autoqueue after one bite so it would be a definite brace remover recipe for my eldest.  Having said that, could be a blessing in disguise !

Now that the brilliant Masterchef has finished, much to my hubby’s elation, I’m not sure what I’ll do with the 8.30 slot every evening, but I’d really like to know what happens to the winners of past series?  Do they really go onto work in a professional kitchen ? One girl from a couple of years ago is now in a show about cooking in the wilderness, but I’d love to see a follow up series of where they all ended up.  We need to know that after almost sharing their blood, sweat and tears for Jon and Greg, they do actually get a job or end up running their own restuarant.  (Masterchef Goes Large currently repeated on UKTVFood).

Moving onto Come Dine with Me…please, please, please can we have a new series as the constant repeats of old ones are doing my head in.  Surely the whole world and it’s cousin have watched all of these out-of-date episodes by now !  The celebrity shows were definitely my favourite !

Now I know she is the original queen of the kitchen for our generation and the inspiration for many a celebrity chef, but I’ve never really be a big fan of ‘our Delia’ on TV.  Her presentation skills are a bit stale and then she gave us tips on boiling eggs,which personally, I felt was an insult to anyone who actually enjoys being at one with food.  However, I must admit to being more than slightly intrigued with her latest show hitting our screens tomorrow night (8.30pm BBC2).  Please don’t tell me she is going to show us how to open a jar of curry sauce ! C’mon Delia impress me !